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Now "No Time" is No Excuse

Most of us are so busy rushing from pillar to post these days. The idea of getting into bed and catching up on some reading is great, but often we're so tired by the time we get to bed that we're lucky if we manage to get past a paragraph, leave alone a page!

Hear2Read have the solution! Now you can download books in audio format and listen while you're driving, baking the biscuits or in the bathtub. In fact you can take your audio book just about anywhere.

With more than 5,000 (and growing) titles, you can choose to catch up on some good classics or improve your skills. Your otherwise 'dead time' can now be used far more productively.

All books at Hear2Read are listed with a short summary and give a short sample audio.

When you select a book from this page, you will be directed to the Hear2Read site. Purchases are made from Hear2Read and security is guaranteed.

Audio Book Categories:

Arts & Drama
Crime & Thrillers
Foreign Language Study
Health & Recreation
Radio Shows
Religion & Spiritual
Self Help
TV & Film

Self-Help Best Sellers:
These audio book titles are selected from a total of 240 in Hear2Read's Self Help section.
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