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Clearing the Outer Temple

- by Di Mollink

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My life went down the toilet during August 2006 – or so it seemed. It was from the very moment that I accepted Christ as my Savior and admitted to God and to myself that He had died on the cross to save me.

I cried every day. I was miserable and I hated everything about my life. Everything fell apart. I had no money. I could not find a job. There were days where I did not have food for my children. Other times I would have to cancel appointments because I did not have the petrol to get there.

Where was the so-called peace and joy that comes from accepting Christ into your life? Where was the serenity and self-confidence that God promised?

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It has been a year of challenges and growth. Despite it being the worst year of my life, we did not starve. Some days I would feed the children the last bit of food in the fridge. When I got back at lunch time – sick to my stomach because I knew there was no food – I would find a dish of mince and macaroni in the fridge that someone had dropped off. People would call me to tell me that they had some groceries for me. Other friends decided it was time to clear out their pantries. We always had food to eat.

It was only a year later that I found out why life was so hard during the first few months of being a Christian. A friend explained the process that was happening in my life. After the explanation, it became so clear to me and there was a measure of peace.

She drew a diagram for me showing the relationship between heaven and earth and how they interact when we are Christians and when we are not.

The minute I accepted Christ as my Savior, he became the mediator between God and me. Christ opened the door between heaven and earth and this allowed God to step into the centre of my life. He took over the spirit domain within me and usurped the god that was in control there; namely Me, Myself and I.

The first thing that he did with me was to clear the outer temple (Mathew 21:12). He had to remove all the worldly clutter, attitudes and beliefs that had accumulated over a lifetime of living without Him. Spring cleaning is not fun. It is painful, especially if it is being done on a spiritual level. I had no idea how to cope with it.

It took a long time because I was used to being in control and rebelled against the loss of power. The longer I resisted the harder and more painful the process became. He wanted me to see that I could rely on him totally and that I did not have to tackle this life on my own. Being alone without anybody to lean on is my worst nightmare, which I have lived for most of my adult life. God wanted me humble and dependent on Him. Only then could he start filling my life with His blessings and abundance.


Di Mollink has embarked on the interesting journey of discovering the applications of Faith and Truth in everyday life. She has a teaching degree, is an accomplished entrepreneur and has become a regular contributor to the principles and practices of Life is a Buffet – Help Yourself, Empower Others.

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