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Body Mind and Spirit Wellness -
Recognize the Importance
of All Three Elements

- by Colleen Wilkinson
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Most of us spend many hours attending to the well-being of our bodies. Likewise, most of us invest many dollars attending to the quality of our minds. But how many of us invest in maintaining the health of our spirits?

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We compare notes and each other on the body aspect. We challenge each other for first place in the mental arena. Yet most of us rarely acknowledge that there is even a third element to consider.

As much as he wouldn't want to admit it, even the most hardened atheist possesses some form of inner-'something' that causes his body to function and his mind to operate. Whatever your religious or spiritual beliefs, that 'something' requires as much, if not more attention.

When we begin to focus our attention on keeping the spirit healthy, it's amazing how quickly the body and mind 'get the message' and their fitness levels soon fall into line.

Recognizing Your Spirit

Yes, we all have one! Some of us are just more aware of it than others. All day we're talking to ourselves, experiencing emotions, and in one way or another reacting to these 'inner conversations'. I'm sure you've had a gut-feel about something on more than one occasion. And haven't you been in a situation where you've had to make a decision or give an answer? An answer came to mind immediately - then you thought about it - and went with your second decision, only to discover later that you should have gone with that first answer - your 'instinct'.

Or what about those times you've been so happy you've cried? Or seen something on tv that's evoked some kind of emotional reaction, to your surprise? Any emotional reaction in fact...

That, my friend, is your Spirit.

Keeping Your Spirit Healthy

As with the body and the mind, the spirit requires... Exercise. There are gazillions of products available for doing this. Products that will fit in with whatever your base beliefs may be.
Wallace D. Wattles seems to have captured the essence of the spirit and how to keep it healthy. In his book, "The Science of Getting Rich", he explains how to acknowledge and tap into your spirit to gain success in any area of your life. This book is widely available on the internet in pdf format, and I would highly recommend that you get yourself a copy now. Stop what you're doing, read the book, and then tell me if Wattle's advice doesn't take you to a new level in your life!

Whatever your base beliefs may be, it will be worth your while to balance your efforts in keeping your body, mind AND spirit healthy.


Colleen Wilkinson is committed to conservation, self improvement and empowering others. Did this article make you think? Download your free copy of Wallace D. Wattles' "Science of Getting Rich" now.


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