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Hi. I'm Colleen Wilkinson, co-founder of the original concept for this site and founder of the current site as it is. Whilst I have a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and Communication and am relatively well-read, I am not famous, nor do I profess to have all the answers to everything. But I do believe that, like each one of us, I am here on Earth for a meaningful purpose.

Life is a Buffet was born at the dinner table when my great friend and I were doing what we love to do best when we get together - as we call it: "philosohizing". In our life experiences, we have both been through wonderful times and likewise very tough times - each one's circumstances as unique as we are to each other.

Sometimes we're happy at the same time, able to share fun moments and a good laugh. Other times we're depressed at the same time (for whatever reason) and have found that just by being together, listening and sharing similar instances or how we got around a certain issue, we are able to inspire and motivate each other on a level that is rare to many friendships. And of course, at times, one is 'up' while the other is 'down' and there is always the proverbial shoulder at the ready.

Back to the dinner table... as we were remarking on just how remedial these 'sessions' had become, we realized that there's one word for them: "fellowship". Just by talking and sharing, and as importantly, identifying in some way, we've found that any situation is surmountable.

It would be impossible to give an exact transcript of the full conversation and how it unfolded over the next few months, but in summary we agreed that:

  • Many of the situations we find ourselves in have been self-created;
  • With enough determination and the right attitude, almost any situation can be changed;
  • Most of life is about the decisions / choices we make;
  • Not many people deliberately make bad decisions about their lives;
  • Sometimes we all need a little nudge or backup to keep on track with decisions we have made;
  • We have a personal responsibility to our loved ones and a social responsibility to do our best and aim to succeed in All that we do (from getting up every morning to doing our jobs to making a difference in someone else's life);
  • We need to nurture all aspects of our lives - body, mind and soul - in order to function at our best;
  • In every situation there are so many options available as to how we deal with them - hence Life is a Buffet - Help Yourself!
  • The list goes on, but I think you're getting the message here :-)

The more we talked, the more we wanted to be able to share these insights with others. And, the more we realised that the people who need it most are more than likely never going to be in a position to access it.

As 'ordinary' individuals we don't have the same impact as we could have if we joined up with as many people as possible from around the world. A small contribution from all of us will create a meaningful contribution towards the communities that are less privileged. These people need to be introduced to the concepts of self-empowerment in order to benefit the global community and our planet.

So, this site is not 'About Us', it's "About Us" ;-) - all of us! Consequently, any revenue generated from this site will be shared with those less fortunate than any of us. We have selected certain self-help projects listed at universalgiving.org as beneficiaries and will keep you updated through this site and our blog.

You must be wondering what happened to my great friend? Well she's been inspired to take another direction in her life and has given me her full blessing to continue with this project. My husband has joined in as my 'bouncing board' and together we aim to make a difference in whatever large or small way we can.

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With thanks to all who have contributed and continue to do so daily to the content of this site.

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